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24-07-2019 Evolution Synergetique joins COMASSO e.V.


Dr. Bärbel Steininger from AVL Software and Functions Gmb, Regensburg was elected as the new Board In the General Assembly meeting held end of November 2018 at Munich, Germany. Dr. Bärbel Steininger has taken over the Board responsibility from Mr. Michael Albrecht. more

Releases Of COMASSO

31.01.2018 - COMASSO Release Candidate is available.

18.01.2018 - BSWDT Release 10.0.0 is available.

24.12.2015 - COMASSO Release is available.


COMASSO Upcoming Events

Who are we?

COMASSO e.V. is a registered association supporting Common implementation and exploitation of the AUTOSAR standard.

What is our motivation?

After 10 years of AUTOSAR development we observe the existence of various implementations without competition relevant differentiation, causing integration effort in case of SW exchange and reuse. We want to reduce this higher integration effort in case of SW exchange and resuse by supporting a common implementation of the AUTOSAR standard. This provides the members a higher degree of freedom to concentrate on innovation.

What do we provide?

The COMASSO association provides

Technical platform

  • To maintain and develop AUTOSAR BSW in a community similar to Open Source communities
  • To exchange source code
  • To exchange information and experience to implement AUTOSAR-BSW
A legal framework
  • To minimize the risk of warranty issues
  • To minimize the risk IP violation and misuse for each member
  • To guarantee equal rights and duties for all members